Business Ideas Under $100 Or Less

Published on Jul 18, 2017

Hey guys I know sometimes it may be discouraging thinking about the costs associated with starting a business, so I created this video to give you a few ideas to start with. This may not be your perfect business idea, but given the fact these ideas are so cheap to start, this gives you a great chance to get your feet wet in business. Hope you guys enjoy.

Entrepreneur resources:
State of Oregon Business start up tool kit.

State of Oregon Business name search

Apply for “EIN” with the IRS

Oregon License directory

In this video:
Business ideas under $100 or less was created to give you a little jump start in your first business idea. Their is a lot of business ideas under $100 you can start, but for me these ideas seemed to make the most sense. Use these ideas to start your own list of business ideas under $100 or less. Once you do some research, get ready for an adventure.

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Jose V.