Are You Ready For A Life Change? Your One Word Book Review ft. Evan Carmichael

Hey guys! Join me as I review the book Your One Word by Evan Carmichael. It is my pleasure to share this video with you all, as this has been such an inspirational resource! It actually had me revisiting some of my own reasoning’s on what my One Word was, and actually asking myself, what is my driving force? Your One Word by Evan Carmichael has been a blessing in disguise to receive and I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone wanting too, planning too, or already on their path to accomplishing their dreams, this will remind you what your Driving force is, and we all know the road to following your dreams is a road less traveled on and a road that can be devastatingly lonely. So get you hands on this great resource and tool, and use it as a reference guide to help guide you when you need a little encouragement! Evan’s book Your One Word, touched basis on so many inspirational people’s journey and what adversity they had to endure and overcome, you will be wrapped in so much optimism! As well we have Evan Carmichael himself answering one of our biggest questions! You guys will have to watch the awesome words of encouragement and guidance Evan gave in the video! Below is the link for the book Your One Word by: Evan Carmichael


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