June Ipsy Bag Review

*June Ipsy Bag Review
Come and take a peek. Ipsy Bag Review.

I was so excited to receive my monthly subscription to my Ipsy Bag Glam Bag for the month of June. This month Ipsy bag Glam bag came with a very neat little booklet that shared tips from the Ipsy Bag Glam Bag squad themselves. I thought that was so cute! Ipsy did a terrific job on there Ipsy Bag Glam Bag for the month of June, I received a Face wash with Willow Bark from Skyn Iceland it says it was a solution for stressed skin, I usually don’t receive skin care products in my Ipsy Bag Glam Bag, but this month I did! Where I live right now it’s getting pretty HOT, I was really excited to read that the The Balm Blush in the color in Full Swing I received in my June Ipsy Bag Glam Bag says it great for Hot days! I love being out doors so especially when its HOT, so I will definitely be trying this guy out! Now one of the reasons I decided to get a monthly subscription to Ipsy Bag Glam Bag was because I knew they would provide me with color I would have never selected or given a try, like Ipsy sent me this Beautful NYX Whipped and Fouette Lip and cheek color in my June Ipsy Bag Glam Bag in the color Cocoa Bean, I LOVE the color for my lips but I’m curious to see how it will look on my cheeks! In my Ipsy Bag Glam Bag they gave me the GORGEOUS 24 KARAT GOLD eyeliner from Beauty for real, ladies if you have been looking for a gold liner this is it, now I just have to see how well it wears, I used to have a gold liquid liner but that was a while back so this was very exciting to get in my June Ipsy Bag! In the video I mentioned I had a secret tip for you all when it’s your Birthday month with Ipsy and your receiving the Ipsy bag, so make sure you watch until the end! The last item I received in my June Ipsy Bag was a Maxlash Volumizer Mascara from Doucce, the brush on this is incredible, just based on how it looks it seems like its really going to give the full long lash affect! That is what I recieved in my June Ipsy Bag Glam Bag, I hope you all enjoyed this unbagging, please subscribe and thank you for view my Ipsy bag Glam bag unbagging.

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