Professional Makeup Brushes BS- Mall – Makeup Brush Set Under $10!!!


If you are interested in purchasing your own BS-MALL makeup brushes here a link to check them out

Hey Guys!

Are you guys are tired of spending top dollar on makeup brushes? Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind spending money on makeup, trust! But when I purchase other products and forget to realize my brush or brushes need to be replaced that just adds to the hole in any beauty lovers pocket! So I decided to venture off of my normal makeup brush brands I go to, and give the BS-MALL makeup brush set a chance! The BS-MALL makeup brushes I purchased were ordered through amazon. The 12-piece BS MALL makeup brushes can cost any where between $7.99 -1$2.99 depending on the set size, color, the vendor you go through, ect. When reading the BS-MALL makeup brush reviews I noticed a lot of buyers were saying they were not only soft BUT comparable to Sigma brand brushes. That alone caused me to buy these and I must say BS-MALL makeup brushes have delivered great results for me!